I Guess I Should Introduce Myself, Right?

Why hello there, my good chum. I didn’t see you there. Well, actually, I guess that’s a bit ridiculous. Even if I was looking in your general direction, unless you were in the same room as me, chances are I wouldn’t actually be able to see you. Not that it would even really matter, considering you’re looking at your computer screen right now, reading this. You should probably look around for a second, though, just to make sure I’m not actually looking at you. I’m not? Damn it. I still haven’t mastered teleportation through time and space. Maybe another time.

Anyways, regardless of whether or not either of us can see each other, welcome to my humble internet sanctum. My name is Cameron Asselstine, recent graduate of the Film and Television Production program at Humber College; creating my own side projects when I have the time. I currently work for Machinima.com as a Content Director. I was offered a position with them shortly after I began to toy around with Source Filmmaker, a free 3D animation program developed by Valve that is currently in its public beta. If you want to see any of my work, here’s my current animation reel (I’ll constantly be adding to it).


A Little Place Called YouTube

ZoxinTV is a little brand/alias/company I created for myself many years ago (if you want the full story, you can go ahead and scroll your mouse wheel in a downward fashion until you find the appropriate heading). I release a pretty broad range of videos on my YouTube Channel, including live action shorts, 3D animations, and Machinimas. I usually try to get a laugh out of the audience, however.


Want to Hire Me?

Time to get professional up in here.

Although I am currently very busy with both film endeavours and my oh-so-thrilling life, I am willing to allocate my time to other projects, should you be willing to pay (that tuition didn’t pay for itself, you know). If you would like to see my freelance work that I have been hired to do in the past, or you want to check out what I can do, check out the portfolio section.


The Origin of “Zoxin”

If you’re wondering about the origin of my online alias, or you’re trying to procrastinate writing an essay or something (like I’m doing right now as I’m writing this), read on.

You may be wondering what a “Zoxin” is, right? Well, back in the good ol’ days of Runescape (admit it, you’ve played it at least once), I wanted to create myself a username that would have the two coolest letters in it (Z and X). After toying around with some combinations of letters, I thought “Zoxin” sounded pretty badass (I thought to myself, “Man, it’s so cool. It’s like TOXIN but with a Z” (I was, like, 12, by the way)). After about a week, however, I forgot the password to my “Zoxin” account, made a new one, and added a nifty zero on the end. From then on out, I went by the alias of Zoxin0 pretty much everywhere I went. When I finally got myself an Xbox 360, I created a Zoxin0 account, then somehow screwed it up (again), and settled for the name “Zoxin1″. I ran with this name for the entire time that I was running Zoxin It Up! LIVE, but then eventually changed my name (along with my YouTube channel name) to “ZoxinTV“.

And there you have it, my good sir. I hope you were as enthralled by that delightful tale of my origins as I was while writing it, which actually wasn’t that much (Like I said, I’m putting off writing an essay right now).


The Good Ol’ Livestream Days

In the past, we would do a monthly live video podcast, known as “Zoxin It Up! LIVE.” This show was hosted by myself, and co-hosted by PlasmaSnake13 and BiaxialEMPEROR. The show would have popular guests from the Halo/Bungie community to interview and talk with about current topics in the gaming world. Our record number viewers watching at one time had been approximately 250.

PlasmaSnake13 had a good year-long run with us on the show, and after this period, he went on to work as a director for Machinima. We looked long and hard for a suitable replacement, and with PlasmaSnake13′s approval, we found AJ Hallmon!

The show still lives today, yet is more of a rare occurrence these days. They are no longer broadcasted live, but are prerecorded and posted on our YouTube Channel.


Contact Info and All that Jazz

If you wish to contact myself, Cameron Asselstine, for voice acting, collaborations, or other business ventures/opportunities…




For feedback on videos, fan mail, or anything else you can think of, it’ll probably belong here…