Halo 5 – Fan Trailers


Back when Halo 5 was on the road to release, I went full-on fanboy and made four fan trailers for the game. They were pretty well received, so here they all are in one convenient location for you!

“My Sword, My Shield”

“The Greatest Enemy”

“Your Family, Your Future”

“An Evolving Lie”

The Hanson Family (Short Film)


This here is my final project for my first year of film school. The parameters stated that we could not have any on-screen dialogue, and that we must not exceed 4 minutes. This version has been lengthened, of course, but the screening version came in with literally 2 seconds left for the credits. I’m open to any and all criticism, if you have any.

Hope you enjoy!

When Marie Switzure, a budding police investigator, attempts to unearth leads to the killer of the Hanson Family from years ago, she ventures out with her partner, Clyde Ranspute, to the scene of the crime; the Hanson House.

Scott Buckley (http://scottbuckley.com.au)

Scott Buckley has given me permission to use his works commercially on my channel. If you require any documentation, just let me know.

Wisdom Teeth Massacre


Normally, when getting your wisdom teeth out, you will be given a tranquilizer to take on your way to the appointment, then you will be put under with another drug. I, however, wouldn’t go under with only one dose of that drug, so I was given ANOTHER dose of that drug. When it came time to wake me up, I wouldn’t wake up, so they gave me SOME OTHER drug to wake me up. That didn’t work, so they gave me ANOTHER DOSE of that new drug! So I had a total of 5 doses of 3 different drugs in me at once on this day, with two of them designed to knock me out, and the other to do the opposite. Needless to say, this whole experience was just a blur to me… Good times.

TL;DR: 15 minutes of gold.

One in the Clip

One in the Clip_00103

Just like Russian Roulette. All the kids are doing it.

Sometimes you and your friends are 17 years old and you just feel like making a video one day. This is the culmination of one summer afternoon, one gun from the dollar store, and one of the stupidest ideas anyone could ever have.

I also thought it honourable to provide you all with a “Making Of” for One in the Clip. Prepare for glory, Spartans.

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